Ashta berries 8


The Power of Eight

The name “Ashta” is a symbol of the number eight, a representation of the number of berries used to formulate this unique drink. Ashta Berries combines three Amazonian berries, namely organic Acai, Maqui and Camu-Camu, together with chokeberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry. It also contains prebiotic fibre and garcinia indica (mangosteen family) extract. These berries are well-documented to have potent anti-oxidant, anti-aging, cardio-protective, and immuno-protective properties.




Key Ingredients:

Organic Acai Berry

This South American super fruit is loaded with anti-oxidative and cardio-protective properties.

Organic Maqui Berry

Found in the Chilean forest, it contains antioxidants that fights against UV-induced skin damage.

Organic Camu-Camu Berry

A native fruit of the Amazon region, it’s a rich source of nutrients that improve immunity and skin health.

Prebiotic Corn Fibre

An important fibre that promotes a healthy digestive system by supporting good bacteria in your gut.

Organic Garcinia Kokum

This fruit comes from the mangosteen family, and it influences your weight management and digestive health.


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