Asari 7


Radiance Redefined

The word “Asari” refers to a profound poem, where the beverage features bird’s nest, a highly-valued ingredient to complete a complex and novel product. Asari 7 contains a blend of seven functional ingredients and herbs that improve your skin health, radiance, mood and digestive health. Bird’s Nest, a key ingredient in the beverage, plays a vital role in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its tonifying properties that improve your immunity and skin complexion.




Key Ingredients:

Bird’s Nest Concentrate

A prized ingredient that is beneficial for skin complexion and enhances your immunity.

Organic Garcinia Kokum

This fruit comes from the mangosteen family, and it influences your weight management and digestive health.

Organic Winter Cherry

Known as the “Indian Ginseng”, it assists in stress relief and possesses tonic properties.

French Rose

The “Queen of Flowers” has been used for centuries to enhance skin radiance and induces calmness.

Prebiotic Corn Fibre

An important fibre that promotes a healthy digestive system by supporting good bacteria in your gut.


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